Register Today for the May 11th & 12th 2016 NEECOM Spring Conference!

The full agenda has been finalized and registration is now open for our Spring 2-Day NEECOM Conference! As always, we have an outstanding lineup of speakers on day one and two dual track full day classroom training sessions on day two including:

Day 1 – Program includes presentations and topics covering:


  • The Holy Grail of VMI – The Ultimate Buyer-Supplier Collaboration

James Lewis, Founder & CEO, Enhanced Retail Solutions

  • EDI and The Next 20,000 Hubs

Todd Gould, CEO, Loren Data Group

  • Achieve Operational Excellence Through Your B2B Exchange

Michael Hurley, Director of Product Management, 1EDISource

  • Mental Toughness in EC Leadership

Jennifer Touma, Founder, Mindscape

  • Biztalk Vs. MuleSoft … Fight!

Stan Kennedy, Director of Integration Practice, Tallan

  • RVCF 2016 Spring Conference Highlights and Recap

Kim Zablocky, Founder, RVCF – Retail Value Chain Federation

  • EDI/eCommerce/B2B Job Market Overview

Barbara Feldman, Director of Business Development,  EDI Staffing

  • How eCommerce is Forever Changing the Digital Supply Chain  

Rob Gonzalez, Co-Founder & VP Business Development, Salsify



Day 2 – Dual Tracks of Full-day Intensive Classroom-Style Education

             Courses Including:


Track One:


  • EDI-101 – A Full Day Overview of Electronic Data Interchange

Instructor:  Anthony D’Angelo, Vice President, InterTrade Systems

Are you new to EDI?  Does everything seem confusing and difficult to understand?

This session will break down each component and give you a greater comprehension of this technology.  From its beginnings to the X12 standards, translation software, communications choices and beyond you will learn what a day in the life of an EDI coordinator should be.  Your instructor has 25 years of experience working with EDI in manufacturing, translation software programmer, network VAN manager, and as a consultant. In this full-day class, you will receive as much of his experience as possible. Also hear what the future might bring to

the industry as well as an opportunity to ask the questions that no one else will answer.


Track Two:


  • IT innovation + Technology Megatrends = Productivity

An Innovative Full Day Course for Technical & Business Professionals

Instructor: Eric Bloom, CEO, Manager Mechanics, LLC


There are many exciting technology megatrends in play today and on the near horizon.  They include Internet of Things, mobility, ‘phygital’, big data, 3D printing, enhanced visualization, wearables, digital transformation and more, enabled by cloud computing and internet connectivity.  At their base, they’re all just simply technologies and concepts. It’s your personal and organizational innovative thought that brings them to life.


This class is a discussion of how innovative culture and tools combined with leading technologies can drive organizational and personal productivity.


Member Rates    Non-Member Rates

Day 1 – $95                $150

Day 2 – $150              $250


2016 Corporate Memberships are just $195