Timothy Leonard, SVP Business Innovation, Kleinschmidt, Inc

Timothy Leonard, SVP Business Innovation, Kleinschmidt Inc. (www.kleinschmidt.com)

Highly successful CTO with extensive experience in the Transportation and Supply Chain
industry. Significant international experience, especially in Europe, with other
experience in Asia, Australia, and South America. Proven combination of outstanding
technical skills and business acumen. Known for implementing strategic processes to
prioritize and deliver innovation on a global basis.
Timothy is a recognized pioneer of blockchain technology in the transportation industry.
He is actively developing and deploying blockchain solution sets including the first set
of smart contracts developed on v2.0 Hyperledger Fabric.

A technology leader and visionary and prolific writer/speaker, his vast accomplishments
are showcased in over 30 media outlets such as BeyeNETWORK, Bloomberg Business Week,
Computer Weekly, ComputerWorld UK, Information Management and TechTarget. Recognized by
Information Week as one of the 2011 Top 25 Information Managers and by Informatica as a
winner of two 2012 Innovation Awards in the Best of the Best and Megatrends: Big Data,
Cloud, Social Media categories.