Dan Kazzaz, CEO of Secure Exchange Solutions, Inc

Dan Kazzaz is the CEO of Secure Exchange Solutions, Inc. Dan offers 40 years of experience in systems design and integration with a focus on business-to-business (B2B) integration. His extensive background includes business and technical eCommerce strategy related to improving processes. He and his partners established Secure Exchange Solutions to help their clients leverage pervasive technology while protecting sensitive information. Their current clients include state health insurance exchanges, health information exchanges, clearing houses, hospitals, clinics, private carriers, public carriers and many of the prominent software vendors.
Dan has been advocating for the adoption of standardized communication and encryption protocols since 2001. As such, he participated in ONC’s Direct Project as soon as it began. This allowed SES to be one of the first HISP’s on the market.
Prior to founding Secure Exchange Solutions, Dan established PaperFree Systems in 1984 to design and implement software tools that facilitate EDI implementations for a wide range of organizations. He pioneered the development of data mapping engines and interactive EDI. PaperFree’s products supported EDI integration, data communications and message management. These products served as the core data transformation engine of many value-added networks, claims clearing houses, insurance companies, service bureaus and Internet Portals. PaperFree was sold to New Era of Networks in March 2000. Sybase acquired New Era in March 2001. SAP purchased Sybase in 2012.
Dan was an active ANSI ASC X12 participant and initiated the formation of its insurance subcommittee. He was elected chair of X12 in September of 2005 and served through September 2009.
Prior to becoming an independent consultant in 1977, Dan worked for Digital Equipment Corporation as a Field Software Engineer.
He is the author of several articles and white papers including, Preventable Readmissions and Physician Notification; Journal of Hospital Administration, 2014, Vol 3 No 1. Meaningful Use the Glass Half Full, Maryland Medicine. 2011;12(1):25-6. What is Data Mapping?, Auto ID News, 1997, EDI and Server-Server Technologies, EDI World, Feb 1996. Insurance Insights: Flat Files vs. X12, EDI World, 1996, Health Industry Focus: Government Mandates on EDI-the Pros and Cons, EDI World, 1996, Health Industry Focus: Multiple Standards in Healthcare, EDI World, 1996. How can EDI be improved? 1994. Selecting Translation Software, EDI World 1992, EDI II To the Rescue, Datamation, 1992. EDI:It’s Really Working, Bobbin Magazine, 1990. Some of his more current white papers are on the Secure Exchange Solutions website (http://secureexsolutions.com/). .
Dan attended Brandeis University from 1970 to 1974 where he earned both his master’s and his bachelor’s degrees in mathematics.