Meeting Presentations

Presentations from Fall 2018:

Change Management for your Vendor Community: Tips on Managing Through Process/Technology Changes That Affect a Large Portion of Existing Vendors

How to Avoid Fees, Fines and Chargebacks, and Gain Control Back Over Your EDI!

Automation of Non-EDI Trading Partners – The Art of the Possibility to Automate 100% of Your Company’s Trading Partner Community

Mobile App Development for E-Commerce

Yes, Retailers & Distributors Can Survive & Thrive by Unifying Commerce & Supply Chain

API-Driven B2B Integration – Leveraging APIs and Microservices to Simplify B2B Integration and Drive Growth

Presentations from May 2018:

Jim Lewis -The Top 5 Communication Pain Points Between Retailers and Their Suppliers

Barry Sponsler – Beyond B2B – Extending Your Integration Strategy to Meet Business Growth

Jim Taylor – X12 EDI & Evolving Technologies – Outcome Based Results

Rick Stein – PEPPOL – The New Frontier of EDI?

Susan Callender – How to Network Like a Ninja, Connect with Charisma and Polish Your People Skills (Without Feeling Like an Imposter)

Todd Gould – Blockchain, Blockchain, Blockchain! – The Hottest Topic in eCommerce

Tony DAngelo – Best Practices in Partner Automation

Presentations from October 2017:

1 – Consoli – What Does A Data-Inspired Future Mean to e-Commerce

2 – Neel Sharma -Spice TG- OmniChannel Made Easy

3 – Wertheimer – Automating ASNs

4 – Dan Kazzaz – Make Retail Great Again

5 – Michael Nir – Silent Influencing Body Language

6 – Greg Horton – OpenText on The value of B2B integration

Presentations from June 2017:

Leveraging EDI Documents in Drop Shipments to Create an AI (Artificial Intelligence) Dashboard

Warehouse / Supply Chain Loss Prevention

Connected Cloud Commerce

Managing and Gaining Control of Your Retail-Supplier Scorecards

Tips to Help You Manage EDI Without Losing Your Sanity

Soft Skills That Drive Project Success


Presentations from October 13th 2016:


The Value of EDI Leaders

Four51 Building a Cloud B2B EC App on your terms

PRIMEUR Governance

Off purpose EDI Documents Extracting more value from the system

How Much it Costs- FSI

Dicentral Chargebacks

Cleo Coping With Multiple Integration Technologies



Presentations from May 11th and 12th 2016 Conference:

The holy Grail of VMI

2016 Job Market Overview

RVCF Fall 2016 Conference

Toughness in EC Leadership – Success Strategies They Don’t Teach You in Business School

The Next 20,000 Hubs

Achieve Operational Excellence


Presentations from Oct 15th, 2015 25th Anniversary Conference:

Patrick Smith – The Evolution of Forecasting -ToolsGroup

Marc Kalman – Managing Growth in an Omni-Channel World

Tony D’Angelo – Evolution of EDI, Catalogs, and Omni-Channel

Patrick Hall – Successfully Connecting Your Supply Chain

Sudhir Balebail – Seven Steps to Omni-Channel Success

David Matsil – Utilizing Retail Intelligence via EDI and other tools

Paul Arguin – RFID 101 and Value Proposition

Bob Raida – EDI Alternatives PDF to EDI Admiral Metals


Presentations from May 2015 meeting:
Kazzaz – Introducing new communication possibilities NEECOM
Nuce – Creating Synergies to Connect to the Connected Consumer
Lanni – Neecom EDI 101
Dupree – Leverage EDI for non-EDI
Linxwiler – CBX Partnering with Vendors
Beyeler -Building an E-Commerce Business
Giovannetti – RFID, Barcodes, Mobile Commerce and the Obligatory Internet of Everything
Sponsler – Drivers and Outcomes to Modernizing your Integration


View Last Year’s NEECOM Meeting Presentations from October 2014:

Accuracy and Visibility in an Omni-Channel Retail World: Moving Beyond the Barcode to EPC-Enabled RFID

Meeting-itis: The Antidote

Current Trends in Healthcare Electronic Data Exchange

Supply Chain Management Year 2020

Bridging the Gap Between Content and Commerce

7 Ways Application Infrastructure and Middleware will drive growth