Todd Gould, CEO and Founder, Loren Data Corp.

A trailblazing software engineer and communications system architect with 40 years of experience, Todd builds innovative technology solutions that transform the EDI space. Learning to program in 1974 in FORTRAN on LAUSD’s IBM 360, continuing through Pomona College’s IBM 4341, UCLA’s 3090 and then on to DOS, dBASE II, dBASE III, Clipper, NetWare, Macintosh, Windows and beyond; Todd and the industry grew up together.

His seminal work, creating an advanced EDI network messaging system, ECGrid (messaging platform) and ECGridOS (web services API), has revolutionized the industry. The latest product, Hubbub, mashes up EDI with Social Networking.

Today, Todd is well-known for his advocacy of a well interconnected and robust EDI market. He continues to push the EDI industry to be more open, more versatile, and more innovative. Todd currently sits on the Board of Directors of ASC X12.

Outside of Loren Data, Todd is an active philanthropist and sailor. He and his wife, Jennifer, started The Barbaro-Gould Foundation, a 501(c)(3) dedicated the global exchange of culture through art, music, literature and film. Todd and Jen charter sailboats around the world, combining their love of the sea with their compassion for people.