Earl Wertheimer, President/Owner, Wertheimer Computer Works, Inc.

Earl Wertheimer has been programming computer systems since the 70s. He has developped a variety of business systems for companies in many different fields ( Telecommunications, Retail, Manufacturing and Transportation). His exposure to EDI started in the 90s when the Eatons department store (now defunct) mandated the use of X12 over the Advantis VAN. He is an active contributor on the EDI-L mailing list and is still waiting for XML to replace X12.

Over the years, he has written a number of EDI translators which have been integrated into other systems. When not working on EDI related issues, he works on a Canadian Open Source EMR (Electronic Medical Records) called ‘Oscar’. He doesn’t have much of a life away from the computer screen but is still a Scout Leader, hiker and cyclist.