Meeting Presentations

Presentations from October 2019:

Thriving in the Age of Amazon

Excel Tips and Tricks Using Macros

X12 – Alive and Well after 4 Decades: Current Activities and Exciting Initiatives

X12-B2X Committee Updates

Why Your Data Sucks, and What You Can Do About It

Coping with the Speed of Change

Parts and Warranty Validation  Automotive Retail Store on the Blockchain Hyperledger Use Case

Presentations from May 2019:

Creating a Culture of Mindfulness at Northeast Delta Dental

With a Little REST and SOAP, You’re Fresh and Ready for Web Services!

High Impact Negotiations: Dealing with Suppliers, Colleagues, and Customers

Creating Supply Chain Synergies to Meet Omnichannel Consumer Expectations

Fully Automate Your Vendor Direct Supply Chain

Using B2B Middleware Applications to Manage Surges for Black Friday Online Ordering

Maximizing Your Office Influence

Presentations from Fall 2018:

Change Management for your Vendor Community: Tips on Managing Through Process/Technology Changes That Affect a Large Portion of Existing Vendors

How to Avoid Fees, Fines and Chargebacks, and Gain Control Back Over Your EDI!

Automation of Non-EDI Trading Partners – The Art of the Possibility to Automate 100% of Your Company’s Trading Partner Community

Mobile App Development for E-Commerce

Yes, Retailers & Distributors Can Survive & Thrive by Unifying Commerce & Supply Chain

API-Driven B2B Integration – Leveraging APIs and Microservices to Simplify B2B Integration and Drive Growth

Presentations from May 2018:

Jim Lewis -The Top 5 Communication Pain Points Between Retailers and Their Suppliers

Barry Sponsler – Beyond B2B – Extending Your Integration Strategy to Meet Business Growth

Jim Taylor – X12 EDI & Evolving Technologies – Outcome Based Results

Rick Stein – PEPPOL – The New Frontier of EDI?

Susan Callender – How to Network Like a Ninja, Connect with Charisma and Polish Your People Skills (Without Feeling Like an Imposter)

Todd Gould – Blockchain, Blockchain, Blockchain! – The Hottest Topic in eCommerce

Tony DAngelo – Best Practices in Partner Automation

Presentations from October 2017:

1 – Consoli – What Does A Data-Inspired Future Mean to e-Commerce

2 – Neel Sharma -Spice TG- OmniChannel Made Easy

3 – Wertheimer – Automating ASNs

4 – Dan Kazzaz – Make Retail Great Again

5 – Michael Nir – Silent Influencing Body Language

6 – Greg Horton – OpenText on The value of B2B integration

Presentations from June 2017:

Leveraging EDI Documents in Drop Shipments to Create an AI (Artificial Intelligence) Dashboard

Warehouse / Supply Chain Loss Prevention

Connected Cloud Commerce

Managing and Gaining Control of Your Retail-Supplier Scorecards

Tips to Help You Manage EDI Without Losing Your Sanity

Soft Skills That Drive Project Success

Presentations from October 13th 2016:

The Value of EDI Leaders

Four51 Building a Cloud B2B EC App on your terms

PRIMEUR Governance

Off purpose EDI Documents Extracting more value from the system

How Much it Costs- FSI

Dicentral Chargebacks

Cleo Coping With Multiple Integration Technologies

Presentations from May 11th and 12th 2016 Conference:

The holy Grail of VMI

2016 Job Market Overview

RVCF Fall 2016 Conference

Toughness in EC Leadership – Success Strategies They Don’t Teach You in Business School

The Next 20,000 Hubs

Achieve Operational Excellence

Presentations from Oct 15th, 2015 25th Anniversary Conference:

Patrick Smith – The Evolution of Forecasting -ToolsGroup

Marc Kalman – Managing Growth in an Omni-Channel World

Tony D’Angelo – Evolution of EDI, Catalogs, and Omni-Channel

Patrick Hall – Successfully Connecting Your Supply Chain

Sudhir Balebail – Seven Steps to Omni-Channel Success

David Matsil – Utilizing Retail Intelligence via EDI and other tools

Paul Arguin – RFID 101 and Value Proposition

Bob Raida – EDI Alternatives PDF to EDI Admiral Metals

Presentations from May 2015 meeting:
Kazzaz – Introducing new communication possibilities NEECOM
Nuce – Creating Synergies to Connect to the Connected Consumer
Lanni – Neecom EDI 101
Dupree – Leverage EDI for non-EDI
Linxwiler – CBX Partnering with Vendors
Beyeler -Building an E-Commerce Business
Giovannetti – RFID, Barcodes, Mobile Commerce and the Obligatory Internet of Everything
Sponsler – Drivers and Outcomes to Modernizing your Integration

View Last Year’s NEECOM Meeting Presentations from October 2014:

Accuracy and Visibility in an Omni-Channel Retail World: Moving Beyond the Barcode to EPC-Enabled RFID

Meeting-itis: The Antidote

Current Trends in Healthcare Electronic Data Exchange

Supply Chain Management Year 2020

Bridging the Gap Between Content and Commerce

7 Ways Application Infrastructure and Middleware will drive growth